Our Story

From the land to your mugs!

Sirene Dantor Rene, a woman who spent her life as a spiritual guide to others at night and a mother by day, is a nurse who vowed to continue her grandmother's work. As a child, she spent countless times watching her grandmother accomplishing greatness through nature. From food to body care, to health care, everything was completely natural. Sirene was always amazed at how her grandmother, regardless of her age was always strong. Whenever she felt sick, it will merely last as she would prepare a few herbal teas that would get her going in a matter of seconds. She never once in her life visited the doctor for anything other than vaccines.

This is when Sirene understood that Herbal Tea is an effective way for people to take care of themselves and helps them by limiting the hospital cost. 

Sirene' s Grandmother

Countless of researches and studies.

sirene was someone to fear. Her grit and devotion to continue her grandmother's legacy, in order to help the world back to its old ways, was unstoppable. She merged her spiritual knowledge and her degree in nursing and herbalism to give birth to: Fey Nan Bwa Tea.

On multiple occasions, she has told her story to the Brooklyn community throughout her workshops and exhibition. Sirene knew it was not enough, she wanted the world to know the benefits of herbal tea. Her very own "all-natural Herbal Tea." Her story will not stop here, Sirene has more to tell from what she has witnessed, she wants to share with you the greatness of this planet that we often underestimate.



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Growing up in Haiti with a healthcare system that seems to be nonexistent and poverty hitting 3/4 of the population's door, sirene knew that it was time to extend her grandmother's work.

Action had to be taken.